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Food Inventory of Leeds, Grenville & Lanark

Food Inventories Growing & Gathering Food Preparing & Eating Food Help For Getting Food Preserving Our Future

What is a Food Inventory?

The food inventory is a list of the food and nutrition-related programs, organizations and businesses in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark. It includes all stages of the local food system, and addresses all visions of the Food Charter.

Help for Getting Food

Help for Getting Food

This section of the website includes groups and programs that help make food more affordable and accessible, like food banks and community meal programs. Also listed are groups that help people physically get food by delivering it to them or transporting them to meals.

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Growing & Gathering Food

Growing, Gathering and Buying Food

Find links to community gardens, agriculture-related groups and businesses, seed exchange programs, gleaning projects, and resources and tools that provide supports for farming, growing food or gardening. Also included are community groups or individuals who grow food to donate.

Additional Resources & Tools

This category includes organizations and programs that offer support to farmers, gardeners and growers. It includes information, workshops, conferences, webinars and funding related to using seeds, growing, harvesting, preserving, livestock and food safety. Farmers and growers can also find ways to participate in networks to share learning experiences, or advocate on behalf of farm-related issues.

  • CSA Farms
  • Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
    • Agriculture, food production, research, new farmers, food safety, environment, funding, resources and more
  • Sustain Ontario
    • Provide networks, research, policy reports, farmer training, funding opportunities
  • Farm Management Canada
    • Offer tools for beginning and young farmers, agri-tourism, farm management, peer advisory groups and scholarships
  • The Urban Gardener
    • Resources for urban agriculture
  • Just Food
    • a local, non-profit, community-based organization that works on both rural and urban food and farming issues in Ottawa and the surrounding region
  • Evergreen
    • working to create cities that are livable, green and prosperous

Buying Local Food

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Preparing & Eating Food

Preparing & Eating Food

In this category, you will find links to programs that help build knowledge and skills for preparing food, locations to make food, and events that celebrate local food.

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Sustaining Our Future

This category includes groups that strive to improve and protect the environment. This includes any groups that focus on protecting and promoting land, water, animals, forestry.

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